Cairo Hackerspace and Eshbook have joined together to go on a road trip to more than 20 cities across Egypt with the Maker Express, a microbus converted into a mobile makerspace.

The goal of our eight-week tour is to bring the maker and coworking movements to unorthodox locales and motivate potential creators to build their own venues of innovation. We’ll be visiting existing creative and educational hubs, big and small: makerspaces, coworking spaces, start-ups, universities, and schools. But we’ll also be on the lookout for the fledgling organizations and lone makers who need resources, support--and most of all, strong community connections--to realize their projects. With our traveling workshops, talks, and training, we want to foster an open, collaborative environment for thinkers across different fields to evolve their ideas together. We want to inspire a culture of technical proficiency, hands-on experimentation, and out-of-the-box thinking, one stop at a time.
All aboard the Maker Express!

About The Maker Express

The Maker Express is more than a modest microbus. Equipped with educational tools and electronic gadgets, including 3D printers, laser cutters, small robots, simple crafts, and a small library, it is Cairo Hackerspace's mobile makerspace.


What is the coworking movement? How can small organizations and businesses benefit from coworking values? How does collaboration lead to innovation and bring a community together? In his talk, Ahmad Said, the founder of Eshbook, answers these questions and more. Discussing the core values of coworking and the pillars of community building, Ahmad offers notes and guidance from his time leading Eshbook. Focusing on the added value of openness, sustainability, and collaboration, the talk is geared towards coaching young entrepreneurs, community spaces, and students in how to build connections and support each other. After the talk, there will be an open discussion amongst participants. Open to all.

The Maker Express is outfitted with specialized tools, like 3D printers and fabrication supplies, which are not always accessible to creative teams across Egypt. With our pop-up makerspace, we invite students, inventors, and makers of all ages and backgrounds to learn how to use these machines for their current or future projects. Providing a space for different types of learners to gather, the pop-up makerspace encourages everyone to share resources and knowledge while networking with others. During our tour, we will have pop-up makerspace events to reach as many communities as possible, to facilitate skills-based learning for all. We tailor workshops and training sessions at each pop-up event around learning how to use each different machine. We especially encourage young students and even kids to come build something new with us!

Teach the internet the language of your plants! Learn how to communicate with and monitor your garden with internet of things (IoT) basics. In this workshop, taught by Cairo Hackerspace founder Tarek Ahmed, you will learn how to build your own complete IoT garden, which will enable you to monitor the health of your plants from the internet. You will program your own electronics (or hardware), build and connect sensors, and design a specialized dashboard to check on your plants and their progress from anywhere and any device. Included in the workshop is a brief introduction about IoT, basic electronics and programming.

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